The Bridlington South Auxiliary Patrol



Bridlington South belonged to Number 1 Group which consisted of Bridlington North, Burton Fleming, Burton Agnes, Kilham, Flixton and Wold Newton.

The Area Group Commander was Captain Charles V Colley of Bridlington. Captain Colley was also the Group Commander of No 1 Group. His assistant Group Commander was Lt Neville J Woodward. Group Sgt Clerks were Sgt Jeffrey Horsfield and Sgt William M Jacob. The training W.O. was CSM Frederick K Richardson. 

Patrol Members as of 1944


Sgt Percy J Wardill            JBBX/217/1         Boot Repairer    4/04/1909

Pte Eric W Newlove        JBBM/134/4       Market Gardener            10/12/1920

Pte Harold Newlove       JBBM/134/3       Market Gardener            19/04/1910

Pte Frank Witherwick     KOLI/97/9            Plumber               01/01/1915


Former Members of the Unit included Sgt Neville Woodward who was promoted to Lt and became the groups assistant Group Commander. Pte John Baron may also have been an earlier member. 


This Units Operational Base (OB) was destroyed after the war and was built into the Eastern Bank of the Burton Drain to the west of Bridlington Road at Barmston. Nothing remains of this OB except a small depression in the bank. It is not known if the Royal Engineers were tasked to destroy this OB as it said to be a very early version and was not of brick built construction and Iron as most East Yorkshire OB's were. 

The OB was situated within a stones throw of RAF Lissett and like we have seen with the patrol at Bewholme which had RAF Catfoss right on their doorstep their number one and primary target must of been this Airfield. Lissett was a Bomber Command Airfield and would of been a priority target of an invading force to resupply it with troops and provisions. You can read all about RAF Lissett HERE