Kilham Patrol


The Area Group Commander was Captain Charles V Colley of Bridlington who's occupation was described as a Cook and Cenfectioner. He was also Group Commander for No 1 Group. His Assistant Group Commander was Lt Neville J Woodward, the Proprietor of the Brunswick Hotel, Bridlington.

Group Sgt's were Sgt Horsfield, Sgt William M Jacob both of Bridlington. The Training Warrant Officer was CSM Frederick K Richardson of Bridlington



Harry Middlewoods Lapel Badge


Patrol Members as of the 1944 List

                                                                   Sgt Harry Middlewood                                Agricultural Worker                                 03/05/1915

                                                                   Cpl Leslie R Smith                                        Agricultural Worker                                 23/02/1922

                                                                   Pte Philip Wilson                                          Agricultural Worker                                  15/09/1909

                                                                   Pte Arthur H Carr                                        Agricultural Worker                                 29/10/1921

                                                                  Pte Donald Wilson                                         Agricultural Worker                                 05/08/1908

                                                                  Pte Douglas Gray                                          Agricultural Worker                                  13/11/1918              



Patrol Targets

Only 6.5 miles from the Coast the Kilham Patrol was ringed by other Auxiliary Unit Patrols. At the very heart of Invasion Country that was thought credible in the early days of 1940 all of Kilhams Patrol Members were drawn from the Farming Community. These men would of known the land like the back of their hands and working in conjunction of the many Patrols within the vicinity would of been able to hit hard after an Invasion had secured its beach head.  Only Cottam Airfield in the vicinty looks a credible target.



Operations Base (OB)

The OB was situated in a chalk pit near to the Keepers Cottage between the villages of Kilham and Rudston. It was destroyed after the war but is thought to have been a very rudimentary affair with entrance to the OB via steps with no escape tunnel or hatch with simple ventilation in the roof. I cant imagine the lads wanting to stay to long in the OB.



Patrol Weapons and Training

Training was carried out at Middleton on the Wolds HQ and at the nearby Rudston Parva Quarry. Equipment included 9mm Revolvers, Commando Knives in the shape of the legendary Fairburn Sykes Knife, 2 "Tommy Guns" later replaced with Sten Guns, Knuckle Dusters and .22 Sniper Rifle.


The OB long since destroyed can be still be located by the pieces of Iron Work.



Kilham Home Guard where the men were drawn from


Many thanks to Neil Hunt for his help over the last few years on this Patrol and the use of his Photographs