Sunk Island Battery

Just a short walk up the Humber Bank you find yourself transported back in time as  you come across relics from another era. Venturing into a small wooded area monoliths loom out of the darkness before you. You are in the middle of a complex military structure that housed two very large Guns for the protection of the River Humber. An even larger Battery was built on the South Shore and together with the sea borne forts out in the mouth of the River they provided protection from Shipping and Submarines.  Originally built to protect the River during World War 1 with two 6-in MK VII Guns it was the first Battery in WW1 to open fire at Zeppelins coming down the River. During the Second World War the Battery was reactivated when two 4.7-in Guns were mounted atop the structures. It was closed in 1943 and now lies forgotten, a silent monument to the protection of the River Humber.


Great Monoliths of Concrete stand silently in the woods

Cracks abound in the Casements


Room under the guns, we think there may have been a pulley system to hoist up Aummunition

This we think is the base for a generator

You can just see the outline of a staircase

The Battery had its own defences in the shape of Giant Pillboxes now toppled over

The Field of Fire


All Photographs taken by our own Researcher.