The Bilton Auxiliary Unit Patrol


Patrol Members as of 1944

Sgt Frank Jameson       Ships Plumber         20/02/1895

Cpl John H Holley           Stone Worker        04/02/1905

  Pte Albert Carr            Market Gardener      05/06/1913

Pte Albert H Grantham    Farm Worker         18/07/1913

Pte W Jubb             Ships Joiner            29/04/1909


Commanded by Captain Stanley Holmes DOB 10/04/1896, a Provision Merchant at Cottingham. The Group Sergeant was Sgt Robert E Williams of Hull DOB 12/05/1901, a works foreman. He had originally been a member of the South Cave Patrol when he lived in that area. Bilton was in the same group as Cottingham North and Cottingham South which is very strange. These OB’s were over 8 Miles apart as the crow flies and many more by road as they were at the East and West of the City of Kingston Upon Hull. It would of made better sense to have Bilton as part of the Skirlaugh Group and Cottingham within the Beverley Group.  This Patrols training was done at Burton Constable Hall under the watchful eyes of Mr Robert Thirsk, the Estate Gamekeeper and a WW1 Veteran.  No Targets can be found for this Patrol but I feel the road to the North around 500 metres away is the main coast road from Hull to all Eastern Coast towns and the Patrols main function could of been as a Observation Unit of the Coast Road and possible disruption of traffic. 


Today the OB does not exist except its footprint.  Built into the bank of a ditch that today borders the Bilton Golf Course.