Broadmayne Auxiliary Unit Patrol (Dorset)

Research Completed by HERAW Researcher MArk Sansford

The Broadmayne Auxiliary Patrol Operations BAse (OB) is situated within the boundary of the old RAF Warmwell Airfield which was a Fighter Command Airfield during WW2 and crucial to the Battle of Britain. The OB is is an Elephant Type Shelter in design but with a curious layout being L Shaped. A side chamber being built which we surmise could be an Ammunition Store. The OB is in a very unstable state at present as seen in the photographs from our Researcher. Patrol targets would of been the Airfield itself and nearby the main Railway Line to London.


Patrol Members and DOB's as of 1944 List

SGT Frank Edgar Ellwood 12/01/1911

PTE Sydney Roy Rogers 27/02/1913

PTE Alan S Colclough 12/02/1924

PTE Reginald T Moxom 23/03/1910

PTE Hubert George Howe 23/04/1908



















All Photgraphs copyright to HERAW. Information obtained from National Archives Documents held by HERAW WO199/3390 WO199/3391