The East Yorkshire Patrols

Within East Yorkshire there were two areas known as Northern and Southern Groups with a total of 34 Patrols

The Northern Area consisted of 16 Patrols forming Four Groups No’s 1-4
Northern Group Commander – Captain Charles V Colley also commanded No1 Group
Asst Group Commander – Lt Neville J Woodward
Group Sgt Clerks - Sgt Jeffrey Horsfield , Sgt William M Jacob
Training W.O. – CSM Frederick K Richardson

Group 1

The Area Group Commander was Captain Charles V Colley of Bridlington. Captain Colley was also the Group Commander of No 1 Group. His assistant Group Commander was Lt Neville J Woodward. Group Sgt Clerks were Sgt Jeffrey Horsfield and Sgt William M Jacob. The training W.O. was CSM Frederick K Richardson
Bridlington North, Bridlington South, Burton Fleming, Burton Agnes, Kilham, Flixton, Wold Newton, Harpham

 Group 2

Commanded by Lt Henry Towse who was the Scampston Gamekeeper and was born in 1904

Norton, Scampston, Settrington

Group 3

 No 3 Group was commanded by Lt Robert Sisterton JCMF//1/4  who was born on 12/11/1909. He is described as a Vermin Destroyer and lived at Settrington. The Group Sgt Clerk was Sgt George Edwin Robson JCMH/81/1 of Settrington born 14/06/1912 and was a Porter/Signalman.

Wharram, Westow, Leavening

  Group 4

The Group was commanded by Lt Frank Byass, a local Bainton farmer, Frank was the original Leader of the Patrol and was born in 1914

Bainton, Lockington


The Southern Area consisted of 17 Patrols forming five groups No’s 5-9
The Southern Area was commanded by Capt Walter Kitching also Group 5 Commander
Asst Group Commander Captain Carrington also Group No 7 Commander


Group 5

The Area Group Commander was Capt Walter Kitching (07/08/1897), The Assistant Group Commander was Captain Carrington (b.Dec1899)
Group Sgt Clerk was Sgt Robert G Hugill.

Bewholme, Catwick, Skirlaugh, Aldborough, Goxhill

 Group 6

Captain Harry Dixon DOB 08/06/1905, a farmer from Old Hall, Sunk Island. The Group Sgt Clerk was Sgt George Johnson DOB 06/08/1905 of Halsham, a Tractor Driver
 Skeffling, Sunk Island & Withernsea

Group 7

 Captain Cyril Carrington (b.03.12.1899) of Beverley was a leather Sales Manager with the local tannery of WM Hodgson. He was also Group Commander of the East Riding Southern Area.

The Group Sgt Clerk was Sgt Herbert Gillyon a leather worker at the same Tannery (b.25.02.1906)
Beverley North, Beverley South, Walkington

 Group 8

Commanded by Captain Stanley Holmes DOB 10/04/1896, a Provision Merchant at Cottingham. The Group Sergeant was Sgt Robert E Williams of Hull DOB 12/05/1901, a works foreman. He had originally been a member of the South Cave Patrol when he lived in that area.

 Cottingham North, Cottingham South & Bilton

Group 9

 Group 9 was Commanded by Lt William Cross JCKS/48/3 DOB 01/01/1903, an agricultural Worker at Everthorpe. His Assistant Group Commander was 2lt James Henry Harrop JCCD/8/1 DOB 19/07/1914 an Aircraft Draughtsman. The Group Sgt Clerk was Sgt John Leonard Cross JCKS/48/4 DOB 17/05/1904

South Cave, North Cave, Brough