Rise Auxiliary Unit HQ Operations Base


This OB was used as the County HQ for some time before it moved to Middleton-on-the-Wolds. It was somewhat custom built by the plans made from Captain Peter Hollis who was the Commanding Officer / Intelligence Officer of the East Riding. Being the HQ OB this dictated its size so it would accommodate extra supplies for other Patrols and could accommodate other Patrol members who’s own Patrol OB had been destroyed or compromised. Within the B there are two large fresh water tanks with two taps for use by the Auxiliary Unit. The main chamber is some 45 feet long and with two 30 metre tunnels leading off it. When the HQ moved to Middleton on the Wolds the Skirlaugh Patrol moved in to this OB and they must of been in awe of the size of the place. Rise OB has to be the largest underground Auxiliary Unit Underground base found anywhere in the UK and it was a privledge that the Hull and East Yorkshire Team were allowed access to document and research this structure. We were very thankful to the Landower who gave us permission and showed us the exact location for without him we would never have found it.

The Rise OB is on PRIVATE LAND and there is no NO PUBLIC ACCESS to this Structure


We have collated a lot of our pictures into our video of the site