Rudston Special Duties Section Out Station


Rudston Outstation lies just outside the sleepy Village of Rudston in East Yorkshire and was first found by a group of Scouts out camping one weekend. They tell of a table and telephone in situ. Many original fittings are still in situ including a substantial wooden door complete with lock. We did search high and low for the tree which had the ariel lead but to no avail.

Operators who were thought to be involved in the Rudston Outstation were Bill Gatenby and Dr Leonard Watson a GP from Bridlington. They would of transmitted messages from the local Auxiliary Unit Patrols on towards Hickleton Hall and from there onto the Britsh High Command.

To this day thie Special Duties Section are shrouded in mystery, not one Radio Set, the legendary TRD Set has ever been found as they were all destroyed.... supposingly and the Operators never really ever came forward. It was always said that the Section was to be kept very secret just in case they were needed again... in the Cold War.




A Section of the door still in situ attached to the frame.