Sigglesthorne SDS Outstation


3 miles West of Hornsea, which lies on the Coast of East Yorkshire is the Village of Sigglesthorne and during World War 2 this Village had two clandestine radio Operators who were volunteers of the Secret Organisation called the Special Duties Section (or Branch) which were to be an essential part of Churchill’s Secret Army that would combat an German Invasion Force.

The civilian operators that operated this station were Christian Smith the landowner and a Mr Peter Dunn. It has been said that a dead letter drop was in place on the road on the front of the property but there is no record of what form this took, it could of been a hole in a Gatepost, a Telegraph Pole number plate, we will probably never know. The Radio hide is hidden in a small strip of land approx 50 feet wide and known as a wind break between two fields.

Today the stations main entrance has been covered over with a metal plate and bolted down. In April 2012, after trying to loosen the bolts which were very corroded it was found not to be possible to undo them and the attempt was aborted. However the Landowner has given permission for us to return with suitable equipment to remove the plate and pump out any water that has accumulated.


The entrance to the radio Hide. How close it is to the footpath is very surprising. The Hatch cover must of been extremely well camouflaged

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Two trees that are just outside the Hatch still show signs of the Aerial Groove cut into the bark.

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In this picture traces of Aerial Cable are still in existence after all these years

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Not the original hatch, but the way down into a radio hide.

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