Rowlston Grove & Ellerby Grove Parachute Mines

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On 22/23rd February 1941 about 21:32 two parachute mines fell on the Preston Road area of Hull, one I want to go into detail, but we need to tell you about the second one to show the scale of damage which could have occurred if both went off, mine number two landed at 10 Ellerby Grove which did not go off.  Here are some pictures before and after it was sterilization (defused).


 Above: 10 Ellerby Grove the unexploded parachute mine before bomb disposal made it safe.



 Above: The mine after bomb disposal made it safe, Note on the last picture slight damage to the eaves of the roof where the mine hit on landing then burying itself 1ft 6” into a concrete path before resting in the position in the photos.


The devastation from one of these mines was so destructive let me tell you about mine number one which fell on Rowlston Grove, after the impact 10 houses were completely demolished, 120 Houses where left inhabitable, 130 houses were badly damaged and a further 300 were slightly damaged.

Due to this devastation areas of Preston Road were evacuated due to the U.X.P.M in Ellerby Grove in the following:-

Cowden Grove

Camerton Grove

Coniston Grove

Ellerby Grove

First 3 Houses either side of collage Grove

Both sides of Ellerby Grove and Preston Road

Parts of Aldborough Grove and Belwick Grove and Gangstead Grove.


Later the whole of College grove from St Johns Grove to Preston Road was evacuated.

The following number of people accommodated in reception centres where:-


Brunswick Chapel, Holderness Road 47

St Giles, Marfleet Lane 45

Wesley Chapel, Holderness Road 44

St Michaels, Holderness Road 10

St Peters, Drypool 25

Preston Road Church, Bilton Grove 32

Metal Box Co, Southcoates Lane 39

Scared Hearts, Southcoates Lane 50

With about another 150 people staying with friends.


That’s a staggering 442 people evacuated for one mine.




Mine One Rowlston Grove

This mine fell in Rowlston Grove off Preston Road the devastation was wide spread here is a panoramic picture of Rowlston Grove.

Above:- In this picture at the top left is Ellerby Grove with Cowden Grove to the left and Rowlston on the right, note there is 7 shelters still standing after the blast, the crater is to the right above the 3 shelter where houses 3,5,7,9 Rowlston grove once stud.


Above: - This is the crater this mine left.



The Destruction

Above: - As you can see from the picture the damage to most houses were irreparable and had to be demolished. Rowlston Grove with Cowden Grove in the background.


Above: - 1 Rowlston Grove


Above: - Rowlston Grove No 2, 4, 6 & 8 totally destroyed

Above: - Schematic drawing of the Rowlston Grove Mine,

Yellow – Totally Destroyed

Red – So badly damaged demolition in necessary

Blue – Seriously damaged but can be repaired must evacuated

Green – Damaged but still useable

Orange – Scheduled for optional evacuation


The following is a list of the casualties.


Mr William Henry Einchcliffe, 7 Rowlston Grove

(Body at Eastern Cemetery – Identified)

Mr Robert Oxley, 5 Rowlston Grove

(Tattooed arm and pair of legs apparently of male and believed of above at Hedon Road cemetery – Not Identified)

Mrs Violet Oxley (52), 5 Rowlston Grove

(Body at Eastern Cemetery – Identified)

Dalton Buttle, 4 Rowlston Grove

(Foot and leg at Hedon Road cemetery – Identified)



Injured and Detained:-


Samuel Jackson (47), 23 Aldborough Grove

(Injury to arm – treated at H.R.I – May be serious)

Emma Temple (92), 26 Ellerby Grove



Slightly Injured:-

Miss Muriel Furgerson (31), 3 Rowlston Grove

(Shock & Bruises)

Hilda Pattersall (32), 43 Ryehill Grove

(Cuts & Bruises)

Bernard Taylor (27), 53 Brindley Street

(Cut neck)

Harry Slide (41), 24 Aldborough Grove


Miss Elsie Holdsworth (43), 31 Ryehill Grove

(Cuts & Bruises)

Catherine Sutton (76), 57 Durham Street 


Brenda Byatt (6), 2 Cowden Grove


Fireman 584 Ernest Bolton, 6 Sub Fire Stations

(Injury to face – Treated at H.R.I)

James Moresit (57), 39 Ryehill Grove


Mary Cooper (28) 3 Village Road


Mrs Ada Lilliam Furgerson (61), 3 Rowlston Grove


Florence Slide (42), 24 Aldborough Grove


William Eromfield (40), 12 Aldborough Grove

(Cut Head)

Edna Dunn (24), 45 Newbridge Road

(Cut Hand)

Daniel Linch (12), 11 Aldborough Grove

(Cut Knee)

Fireman 295 Fred Daddy, 9 Sub Fire Stations

(Injury to leg – Treated at H.R.I)




(All Images shown here are subject to Copyright and may not republished in any format)

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