How You Can Help Us


Do you have any documents from WW1 & WW2 in connection with the City or County. There are many ways which you can help, firstly by donating the documents to our Archive or allowing us to copy the documents on our state of the art Copy Machine. You can scan the documents and send them on to us in any format. However small you think the knowledge is that you hold it can become an important part of a jigsaw when completing research. We also have a public drop box account so all you have to do is drop them in from your desktop and they appear on ours.


Many people have asked what to do with documents that they have acquired over the years, many unconnected with their family. You can donate anything to our organisation which will remain in our archives for people and generations to enjoy for decades to come. If you have records or information that you would not like to be made public and it would only be for our researchers eyes only this can be made so.

For more information contact our team on

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