Eton Street Memorial

On Hessle Road near to the Boyes Store there is a little non descript Street called Eton Street. Today it is lined with Industrial Units up and down the full length of its course. Like many of Hessle Roads Streets these were once thriving little hamlets of family life, where neighbours knew each other, cared for each other and looked out for one another. Along its length Terraces ran off called Belgrave, Gertrude, Java, Milton, Towlers, Angelo and Alma. At the very top of the Street still in its rightful place stands the Streets shrine to its war dead. A constant reminder that once People lived here, People made their homes here. They brought up their Children and they mourned their dead here. The Memorial is from the Great War 1914-1918 and we see that there are  14 names inscribed with the words

Father in thy gracious keeping brave me now thy servants sleeping”



Through research we have found that a further 10 names should have been added to the memorial which is strange to say the least. The biographies of the Soldiers of the East Yorkshire Regiment have been supplied by our good Friend Joe of Face Book Page Hull Pals Memorial Posts who does sterling work on a five year project to name all the Hull Pals who died in the Great War. Our Thanks to Michelle & Amanda at Hull & Yorkshire Memories for the lovely Photographs of Eton Street and the lovely Poem. Our thanks also to Chris at Hull for his findings on the Memorial.


How it used to be


Eton Street today, Industrial Units have replaced all. The street shrine can be seen on the left of picture


We are all guilty of looking at a memorial and seeing just the names carved into it and I wanted to show a little of the stories behind each name. Once I started to dig it seemed I wouldn’t stop. In one instance I found one name that was lost on a ship from Eton Street and upon digging I found that the rest of the crew all came from streets around Hessle Road, that really brought it home for me, that one name constituted a whole crew lost, a whole crew that were brothers, sons, husbands of the community around Eton Street, Crews that were never coming home. The same for the Soldiers lost on the battlefields of France so often cited as body never recovered, still out there waiting to be found.

I suppose this story is to provide the reader with a little thought that next time your gaze wanders over a Memorial and “we remember” just think of the sorrow that one name caused, a Son that never returned, A husband never forgotten, a Father never met. Now group all of that together, in one street, Husbands, Fathers, Brothers all gone and how local communities were decimated through the loss of their menfolk, it takes on a new meaning when you look at this perspective, in the end we can only give them the respect that they deserve and vow to do what they would ask.....


"When you go home, tell them of us and say

For their tomorrow, we gave our today."



Names on the Memorial in order of appearance.


E.C. Connan Royal Naval Reserve Trawlers -  no information known

Leonard Whitaker Foster Royal Navel Reserve. Died the 26th November 1915 after falling into the Granville Dock whilst boarding his Vessel which was part of the Dover Patrol

F. Taylor -  no information known

PRIVATE CHARLES FREDERICK TIDSWELL 3/6658. Born in Hull in 1880 and married Louisa Watkins in April 1912. They lived at 2 Nile Street in Hull. He was killed in action at Ypres on 5th February 1915 and his body was never recovered. His name is commemorated on the Menin Gate.

PRIVATE JAMES ALBERT PETCH 8382. Born December 1886 in Hull. Son of James and Stella Petch of 10 Laurell Grove, Eton Street, Hessle Road. Served with 1st Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment.  Killed in action at Ypres on the 9th August 1915 and his body was never recovered. Commemorated on Menin Gate.

James Petch


PRIVATE EDWARD HARRISON 11/1345. Born in Bradford in 1894, Edward was the second of nine children to Harry and Emma Harrison of 86 Goulton Street, Hessle Road, Hull. After leaving school he worked as a Bottle Washer before becoming a Miner. He enlisted at City Hall on 28th December 1914 joining the 11th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment, 'The Tradesmen', 2nd Hull Pals. Edward was wounded during the first day of the Battle of the Somme, 1st July 1916. The Pals were not in the front line being decimated by machine guns, but they were in Reserve, cramped into trenches awaiting the order to move up as a second or third wave. Packed into those trenches and shelled by German artillery there were bound to be casualties and Edward received a shrapnel wound to his abdomen and was evacuated by the field ambulance to the rear. He died of wounds on 2nd July 1916 and was buried at Couin British Cemetery. He was 22 years old. An interesting letter is filed in his Army records. Edward's personal effects were forwarded to his family, but some were missing and his sister wrote to the army requesting they forward a "gold this is valued by his mother...(he wore it) around his neck with faith, hope and charity attached." It could have been lost in the melee, or it could have been looted. There is no record of it being returned.

PRIVATE JAMES WILLIAM ROGERS was born in Hull in 1885 and lived with his wife Tereza at 4 Rugmere Ave, Regent Street. He was a Coal Trimmer by trade and was killed in action on 7th August 1916. He too was a Hull Pal, 13/212 in the 13th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment. He is buried at Le Touret Military Cemetery.

PRIVATE WALTER DENNISON 10/641. Born in Hull and working as a Clerk when war came. He joined up as part the long queues outside the city’s recruiting offices in the early days of September 1914. The men were all smiles and cheers and bound for a big adventure, destined to be back in time for Christmas full of boasts and bravado, heroes to all the young ladies. Walter died of wounds on 22nd September 1916 on the Somme, having born witness to horrors we cannot even begin to imagine. He is buried at Merville Communal Cemetery Extension. He was 20 years old.

PRIVATE ALFRED  RICHARD SHERMAN 3930  was born in 1897, the youngest son of Arthur and Hannah Sherman 51 Wassand Street, Hessle Road. A Sawyer and a Timber Yard he was killed in action on 22nd September 1916 fighting for the 1/4th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment . He's buried at Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz.

Sgt GEORGE A BARNES 9899 of the 1st Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment. Died 25th September 1916. He is listed on the Thiepval Memorial. No known Grave


WH EVANS died 5th November 1915. Chief Engineer of the Trawler H270 Jersey.

The Jersey H270



WILLIAM DERBY COATES  Died 21ST January 1916. Skipper of the Trawler H436 Earl. The Earl was lost with all hands 21st January 1916 due to enemy action.  9 of Crew went down with the ship which is still missing.

The Earl H436


JAMES WILLIAM CLARK died 26th October 1916 A deck Hand with the Royal Naval Reserve Trawlers on the Lord Roberts  H955 which was mined in the  North Sea,  Shipwash, off Harwich, Essex.

The Lord Roberts H955


Names that should be on the Memorial but for some unknown reason were not added.


Charles Henry Robinson 2nd Northumbria Brigade, Royal Artillery.  Died 17th March 1917 in Edinburgh Hospital. Son of Benjamin & Lavinia Robinson of 78 Eton Street

Victor Amanuel Axup, a Signalman on HMS Panther reported missing 12th September 1914

Percy William Dews 12th Battalion East Yorkshire Rifles died 11th February 1918. Son of Emma Hepworth of 84 Eton Street. 

John Chadwick Brace 27010. 11th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment. Born in July 1897.  His body was never recovered and his name is commemorated on the Arras Memorial, he was 19 years old. John was the third of four children to Alfred and Malohla Brace of 9 Clairbrook Avenue, Eton Street, Hessle Road, Hull.


Several more names here of Seafarers that have been omitted from the Memorial.


Arthur Young HMT Thomas Cornwall, Second Hand, died 29th October 1918

Samuel Rowland HMT TR Ferens, Skipper, 10th November 1917

A Munzer HMT Ariadne, Deckhand, 14th October 1918

Charles Edward Ellarby HMT Earl Lennox, Second Hand, died 23rd October 1917

Edward George Gonnah  HMT Ely,  died 11th November 1915 at Gosport Hospital from disease caught while in the Dardanelles.

George William Eddom Windward HO H692, Skipper, died 9th May 1917

William George Worrell Titania H903, Skipper, died 11th May 1915



This is a poem written about the Memorial, it says all that is needed to be said. When you next go down Hessle Road, just take 5 minutes of your time to visit and remember the Men of Eton Street and then remember that probably all the streets in the City would have had similar Memorials to all Our Boys who died during the Great War.







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