Bridlington Garden Air Raid Shelter

On the 20th December 2013 we were invited to look at a structure within a private garden in Bridlington. From the description of the structure by the owners on the telephone, this was no ordinary Air Raid Shelter and it was thought, rightly so that we should take a look. The photographs show that the brickwork is still in pristine condition with steps leading down into a 10 x 10 foot room, which could easily of accommodated a number of people sleeping on the floor or in bunks that may have been installed. The striking design factor for me was the Air Vents built into the walls, one at ground level and two at ceiling level to bring in fresh air, a design feature that we have seen only in Auxiliary Unit Operation Bases. There are no Gun Batteries in this area so an explosive store was ruled out. We can only summise that this is very expensively built Air raid Shelter built by someone who with more fear than money.




Steps lead down into the chamber which are covered. We could find no fixings for a cover and it is thought that it was open to the elements.

From this angle you can see the thickness of the roof across the chamber.



A panorama of the main chamber.



Vent Holes in the upper wall areas that had small doors to cover them when not in use.


Small purpose built doors with bolts to cover the vent holes.


The door to the chamber must of been substantial as the door frame is bolted to the walls with very large bolts.


The vents come up above ground and no attempt has been made to hide them.


Brickwork throughout the structure is in pristine condition.