WW2 Communal Air Raid Shelter


When we came across this shelter and was invited to go and have a look it immediatley raised a lot of questions. The Team immediatley went to work to resolve them. Hotham Street is listed as having 7 Street Shelters on the Communal Shelters WW2 list but not one is mentioned as being located on the Tramways Substation Land. We then consulted the Hull Daily Mail who during the war printed out all locations of all the Public Communal Shelters in and around the City. Our Shelter was not among them so we can only conclude that this Shelter was built for the workforce on that premises. We can only summise why the Shelter has survived but one consideration is that the roof is built into the external wall of the premises. To remove the shelter roof would effect the structure of the wall.


 (This shelter is on Private Land. HERAW had permission to video and photograph the Shelter)


Aspects of the shelter that were still in situ and fantastic to still see were ceramic bricks built into the blast wall, in a blackout these would of reflected the smallest light source enabling the entry to be located. The Blast Proof door was still on the emergency exit which went out to a covered exit area. 


The Blast Wall, note the ceramic bricks for llight reflection

A vent pip in the lower floor area comes to surface on the wall. It seems to have been protected somehow, maybe by a metal cover.

The view from outside to the Blast Proof Door. In effect you had a covered escape area

At the bottom of the stairs is a doorway with a half wooden frame. We believe this is where a Gas Curtain would of been installed.



With special thanks to Tony for allowing us access onto this Private Land.

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