Our People at War

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  This picture is from Sheila and she says of it that it was took in Farndale avenue and the UXB Team had finished disarming the Bomb, My uncle Ray, my Dad, and one of them possibly Peter Blake. My Dad is the one with the big ears, uncle Ray is the toddler to the left of him, the girl may be called Veronica and the lad next to him may be Ken, Peter Blake is the kid rubbing his eyes.


We think the picture really gives you a sense of the size of these things falling from the Sky



This Photograph comes from Heather and she says "my mam with two of her sisters and behind them, is their dad, Frank Wood, I believe he was an ARP warden" We cannot make out the Uniform that Frank is wearing, but he seems to be wearing a Helmet of sorts and carrying a Gas Mask case over his shoulder. If anyone has any ideas on this then please get in touch.













These next two pictures  are from Bob, the one below shows Bob's Grandad Clarence Sanderson is second from left in the middle row. He was captured by the Germans in 1940 at Vimy Ridge and was in POW camps in Poland and Germany until 1945, despite escaping but being recaptured. The picture underneath is Bob's other Grandad, James Wallis pictured in WW2. He was injured by a gas shell at the Somme in WW1 and served in the Home Guard in the second war.


This next Picture was sent in from Kate of Doreen B Mason who was a Senior Woman Warden. her uniform is WVS with the early ARP badge. A number of Hull WVS women were killed on duty.


This Photograph is of WW1, no doubt a Soldier enjoying his leave and taking his family for a Family Portrait. The saddest thing about this picture - 9 days after the photograph was taken he was dead. He had lied about his age to get back in the army and died in Gallipoli in Turkey


These Photographs come from Trevor who says "My Dad, Harry on the left....I believe this was taken when he served at the Sutton Barrage Balloon station at the end of Leads Road...Dad was in the Royal Artillery. Trevor say of the Picture 2 and 3 "two photos that Dad took with him to war; Harry and Mary Baldwin.....taken in Hull about November 1939....I'm the good looking little guy in the middle, I was their 4th child when the war started; Dad answered the call right away and served for 'Hostilities Only' and was demobbed shortly after my 7th Birthday.

Harry and Mary Baldwin

Trevors Grandad, Jordan Coggin (2nd from Left) at a celebration of the end of hostilities in France 1918/19. He left for the war at the beginning of hostilities in 1914, returned home in 1919 having been gassed and hospitalized for awhile....Joined Hull Corporation Transport after demob.

These next two pictures come from Gregg and show his Grandfather and Father during the War. Gregg says
"This is a picture of my Grandfather, Walter Havler manning a Twin Lewis machine gun while aboard an armed trawler during WWII. Unfortunately I do not have a name for the trawler! Born 1891-1957 lived in Hull all his life and was a trawler-man until the end. I am still trying to find out more about his wartime service, although as a child he showed me a cruciform bayonet, that he told me had been given to him by a French soldier he saved from the sea. (possibly Dunkerque) But this seems to have now disappeared. I found it so exciting as a child, little realising what he & others had suffered back then" If you have any information on the Armed Trawlers we and Gregg would love to hear from you. The second Portrait picture is of Greggs Father






















If you can identify this Trawler please get in touch