Stanley Morrell Johnson

The man lying beneath the angel is Second Lieutenant Stanley Morrell Johnson of the Royal Flying Corps.


Stanley was the son of John Richard and Jane Ann Johnson, who lived at “Gypsey Lodge” on St John’s Walk in Bridlington. He was educated at Scarborough College. He left college to enlist in the Artists Rifles, and obtained his commission in that corps. His great ambition had always been to join the Royal Flying Corps. He soon won his wings through hard work and ability.

He was killed in a flying accident on Friday, 25th May, 1917, aged 21 years. On the day of his crash, he had flown a distance of 30 miles to Dover and was just preparing to return. He was running his machine along the ground, when a sudden gust of wind blew it over. The aeroplane at once caught fire and severely burned him. Some soldiers lifted the aircraft up, got him out and removed him to hospital. From Dover he was removed to the Empire Hospital, where he remained for a week, and was then transferred to the Queen Alexandra’s Hospital in Westminster, London, where he died. Both his legs were very badly burned from the thigh downwards. The primary cause of his death was the burns.

Stanley is buried in Grave 157, Plot L, in Bridlington Cemetery.


Remembered here today, one of East Yorkshires finest. Rest Easy Stanley