Mary's Story 09/02/1942

What happened to me and what I did in the Air Raids


This came to us courtesy of Michelle and it is a 4 page story through the eyes of a 12 year old girl. On the pages are spelling and grammar corrections obviously done by a Teacher. At the end of the story it is marked "VG indeed (very good), we show the pages in their entirety here and a transcript below if you are unable to read it. It is a lovely account through the eyes of a young Girl




Mary Aged 12  9.2.42

What Happened to me and what I did in the Air raids

It was Friday July the sixth 1940 and it was a stormy day. It was five –o-clock and we were having our tea when the buzzer went. Then just after it finished we heard a bomb dropping and then a loud clap of thunder. My Father said “you had better go across to the shelter, it looks bad.” Everybody was in a panic, running about the street, when a little boy cried out, “there’s something on fire in the sky.” All eyes gazed up to the sky. I thought “I wish old Hitler was on fire.” It was a Barrage balloon which had caught fire and soon a lot more caught fire. The Nazis could not resist dropping the rest of his load and he was soon caught by our brave lads. Then the all clear went and I thought “the more you come to bomb us – the more aero planes and men you’ll lose.

The next big raid was in May 1941 and it happened on a Wednesday night at half past eight. I was painting and the sirens sounded, we went into the shelter where a few of the old people were talking and the young babies were crying. We heard a loud bang and then the sound of buildings and glass falling. Someone said “he nearly got us that time there sure to have killed someone.”

He had just finished speaking when someone shouted “will some of the people help put fires out” I thought to myself I wonder where that one dropped. All was quiet for a time, I went out and saw some great fires in the street next to us and  I knew he must of done a great deal of damage and I thanked Heaven that  I didn’t live in that Street.

I went back into the shelter and all was calm for a while, then we heard him a plane dive bombing and we heard a whistling bomb, and then my brother came in and told my mother that our house was on fire and two or three incendiary bombs had dropped in the pantry and had gone right through into the coal house and the coal would soon be on fire. My mother went to help my brother as my Father and all the other men were away. I looked after the baby and I was thinking and wondering what was going on outside. My Mother came back and said the fires were out.

Then the Gunfire sand bombs continued and about four -o-clock in the morning the all clear sounded and we all trooped out, that was the end of one awful night.

The next raid was the next night, when the sirens blew and we went into the shelter, we were all fed up with Hitler. A whistling bomb dropped close by and there was the sound of glass falling. Somebody said “Your shops gone West, Mrs Gorman and so has yours Mrs Oxley. All the windows have come out.”

But we didn’t care as long as we were safe, all the ceiling was down and soot had come down the chimney and all the food was uneatable, we were all hungry and all the washing was dirty. A Warden said “Go down to Bourne Chapel” so ended another of Hitler’s terrible nights

Another night when all was quiet, Hitler decided to pay us another of his unwelcome visits and “The Bean Street Folks” were unlucky as he dropped a landmine at the bottom of the street. I thought “I wish I could do something to him, the rogue.”

The other raids are not much, I went into the shelter and fell asleep and did not hear anything.