HALIFAX BB373 (EY-K) & JB874 (EY-E)



78 Squadrons Halifaxes left on 23rd Aug 1943 from RAF Breighton to bomb a target in Berlin.   78 Squadron were among many units of Bomber Command detailed to attack Berlin. This raid saw 78 Squadron suffer one of its worst nights of the war, Two Halifax were shot over Europe and a third ditched in the North Sea on its return flight.

As the rest of the Squadron approached the Humber Estuary poor visibility at their home base of Breighton led to all remaining aircraft being ordered to divert to nearby Leconfield.

Tragically whilst awaiting their turn to land, two further Halifax collided (BB373 & JB874) and crashed at Hull Bridge near Tickton at 0430 with the loss of 14 crew.

There was one survivor, rear gunner Sgt J. Greet (JB874), He was admitted to Beverley Base Hospital, suffering from fractures to the base of the skull and right femur. So serious were these injuries that nearly five years were to pass before he had fully recovered.

When their daughter was born Sgt Greet and his wife christened her Beverley.

The Crew:

Halifax BB373-

(Pilot) F/Sgt G.G Bell (RNZAF)

(2nd Pilot) P/O R.R Gilbert

(F/Eng) Sgt A.E Lester

(Nav) P/O E. Platt

(B/A) Sgt W.L Clark

(A/G)Sgt A. Lee

(A/G) F/Sgt D.C.M Walton (RAAF)

(R A/G) Sgt R.B Fletcher




 Halifax JB874-

(Pilot) F/O C.J.Keirl

(Flt Eng) Sgt E.B.F.Scorey

(Nav) F/O H.W.Baylis

(B/A) Sgt H.R.Jones

(A/G) Sgt C.H.Hilton

(A/G) Sgt F.Roberts   

(R A/G) Sgt J.Greet (Survived)



Memorial on Hull Bridge Nr Tickton next to the Crown & Anchor Public House