LV936 Halifax III HD-D

466 Squadron (RAAF)




Crew 131 of 466 Sqn

Back Row:- P/O A Duncan(Wireless Operator),  P/OM Mcl Wilson(Rear Gunner), 

P/O J M Vivash(Mid Upper Gunner), Sgt H W Knott(Flight Engineer)

Front Row:- P/O D Underwood(Bomb Aimer), F/L J B Herman(Pilot), F/O W Nicholson(Navigator).


The Mission

The Crew took off from RAF Driffield in Halifax mk III, LV936 HD-D, on the 4th November 1944 at 16:54 on a mission to Bochum

LV936 was hit by flak as they turned away from the target.  F/L Herman was very lucky as the aircraft blew up in the air before he could put on his parachute, as he headed towards the ground without the chute he bumped into F/S Vivash and grabbed hold of his legs, both then made a safe landing to become PoW's.

F/L Herman - PoW number is 9005 in camp L3.

Sgt Knott - PoW number is 1148 in camp L7.

P/O Vivash - PoW number is 1266 in camp L7.


Those of the crew who died were buried in Neviges Protestant Cemetery before being re-buried in 1949 to Reichswald Forest War Cemetery.


Crew photo with permission of

Paul Knott