3 January 1943

Raid No. 64

On Sunday 3 January 1945 warning sounded at 20.35hrs and Raiders Passed at 21.32hrs. During this warning Flares were reported in the Stoneferry/Sutton area and there was heavy sustained gunfire, but only two HE Bombs (probably 500 kilo) were dropped at approximately 20.33hrs; 2 minutes before the sounding of the sirens. (1) In the west bank of the River Hull at the rear of property occupied by Sissons Bros. 250 yards from the roadway of Bankside about three parts of the way up the river bank. Part of the bank was torn away and the firm’s engine house totally destroyed. Most of the blast travelled to the east side of the river causing extensive blast damage to the Isis Mill.

(2) near to the west bank of the River Hull on waste ground of Sissons Bros. and about 200yds from Stoneferry Bridge causing considerable blast damage to Benningas Margarine factory on the east bank. The lighter”Vintet” was sunk through being holed by splinters while lying alongside Kings Mill laden with whale oil.

Other blast damage caused by the 2 Bombs to property in the Stoneferry Road, Lorraine Street and Mayville Avenue area was confined mainly to doors and windows. No casualties or homeless have been reported.