24 June 1943

Raid No. 66

At 02.50 hours on the 24th June, 1943, planes were heard over the city and flares and bombs were dropped before the warning was sounded IB’s were dropped in Chanterlands avenue and Murrayfield Road area. More flares were seen over various parts of the city.

Air Raid Alert in operation from 02.55 hours to 03.31 hours. It was a short sharp raid during which a variety of bombs was dropped on the city including heavy HE's, IB's (explosive and ordinary types), small Anti-personnel bombs, and Phosphorus bombs.

The raid was fairly wide-spread but the incidents were mainly in the Central and Eastern Divisions. Eastern Report Centre telephone lines were down and a wireless car was used to maintain contact. A number of IB's and HE's fell in different districts. Major fires occurred at Parks & Harrisons, Jarratt Street, Moors and Robsons, Raywell Street, Thornton Varleys, Albion Street Museum, and Bladons, Jameson Street.

Casualties - 21 killed; 19 hospital; and 49 treated at first aid posts