13 October 1940

Raid No.14

The period of the Air Raid Warning was from 19.45 hours until 21.25 hours on the 13th October 1940. Five HE Bombs were dropped on the City in this raid. One bomb was dropped in Kathleen Road, two on the railway embankment at the bottom of Maxwell Street, one in Maxwell Street and one in Sculcoates Goods Yard at the Naval Depot. At the Kathleen Road incident 20 houses were damaged in that road and one shop, 80 houses were slightly damaged and six shops. Ten people were injured, two proving fatal. The three bombs on Maxwell Street did not cause any casualties but one warehouse was demolished and two were badly damaged. At the Sculcoates Goods Yard one warehouse was badly damaged and some naval bedding was destroyed by fire. There was only one slight casualty. These incidents occurred about 20.20 hours.