22 October 1940

Raid No. 15

The Air Raid Warning remained in operation from 01.43 hours until 02.56 hours on the 22nd October 1940. In this raid the first parachute mines were dropped on the City and a considerable amount of damage was done. About 01.37 hours a parachute mine was dropped at the rear of 85-91, Silverdale Road and Strathmore Avenue and a crater approximately 10ft wide and 20 ft. Deep was made by the same. One man and two women were killed thirty seven people were injured, six seriously. Twelve houses were badly damaged and three hundred and ninety were slightly damaged in addition to six shops. Windows were broken over a very large area in some cases over a mile away from the incident. It is interesting to note that no report was taken of anybody being injured where they had taken shelter in the air raid shelters provided in the gardens. A good army of private cars were at the disposal of persons taken to the Reception Centre and other addresses owing to their own homes being rendered untenable. The other mine fell and exploded about a quarter of a mile away in an open field near to the Rope Works of Kellit’s but did very little damage. There were no casualties at this incident.