25th August 1940

The air raid warning was sounded at 23.33 hours and remained until 04.24 hours on the 25th August 1940, about 02.28 hours two HE bombs were dropped from enemy aircraft and three houses were demolished in Northumberland Villas Nos. 18, 17, and 16. Minor damage was done to about 38 houses in the neighbourhood and windows were broken in 695 houses in the surrounding district. Four casualties resulted from this incident. About 02.11 am on the 25th August 1940 four bombs of the whistling type were dropped in Eastern Division as follow -: Two in Rustenburg Street, one in Morrill Street, one between Buckingham Street and Severn Street. Twenty five homes and three shops were demolished as a result of these four bombs: sixty six houses were badly damaged and fifty four slightly damaged and eleven shops were badly damaged and sixty three slightly damaged. Casualties were four fatal and thirty one injured. After the sounding of “Raiders Passed” thirty people who were destitute were found shelter at a Reception Centre. About 01.15 hours an H E bomb was dropped on 63 Carlton Street and at 01.15 hours a further H E bomb was dropped at 53 Eastbourne Street. Six houses were demolished as a result of these two bombs, 83 houses were badly damaged and eleven shops, 590 houses were slightly damaged. Six fatal casualties resulted and 55 others received medical attention. 240 people were rendered homeless and were found accommodation at Reception Centre.