30th August 1940

Raid No 8

Air Raid Warning sounded at 01.05 hours and lasted until 03.02 hours , 30th August 1940 only slight damaged was caused by the 9 H E bombs dropped in East Hull one bomb was either a delayed action or a “dud” and was attended to by the Military immediately. The presence of this bomb resulted in the whole of Bellamy Street and part of Williamson Street being cleared and the residents affected found accommodation with friends. The nine bombs exploded as follows-: HE Centre of Williamson Street, HE Permanent Way of the London North Eastern Railway Victoria Dock, HE East Wharf of the Victoria Dock, H E East Wharf Victoria Dock near Shed no.2, HE in yard occupied by Brainbridge, Williamson Street, HE east end of Victoria Dock near No 1 timber pond, HE Near No 1 timber shed , Victoria Dock, HE opposite wood yard occupied by W Hollis & Co., east end of Victoria Dock, The Albion Hotel on the corner of Williamson Street  and Hedon Road was badly damaged and Hedon Road was blocked for some time due to water from a burst water main and the presence of debris on the road. The residents living in the affected area were taking cover in shelters, and there were no casualties. As a result of the delayed action bomb in Williamson Street about 30 people had to be moved from their homes.