8th November 1940

Raid No. 18

The sirens sounded the alert at 17.19 hours and the warning was in operation until 20.42 hours. Thirteen HE Bombs were dropped on Cottingham Road district as follows-: No. 21 Salmon Grove, in the garden at the junction of Salmon Grove and Cranbrook Avenue, in the garden of No. 78 Salmon Grove; on the south side footpath opposite the University entrance; a direct hit on the house at No. 195 Cottingham Road; in the garden of No. 205 Cottingham Road; in the roadway opposite No. 159 Newland Park; three bombs were dropped in the allotments in Kennilworth Avenue; one bomb directly on a house No. 53 Fairfax Avenue; in the rear garden of No. 178 Bricknell Avenue. One house was completely demolished and several others slightly damaged. Six persons suffered from minor injuries.

Concrete Slab impaled into the ground on Bricknell Av