15 April 1941

Raid No. 36

This raid occurred on the 15th April 1941, the public warning was sounded at 21/27 hours and the raiders passed at 04.58 hours. The chief centre of attack was East Hull, parachute mines being dropped in Hotham Street, Jennings Street, Studley Street, Reckitt’s canister works, Stoneferry Road, Highfields Sutton and British Oil Cake Mills mill in Foster Street. Besides the damage to factory premises, hundreds of houses were damaged many of them being demolished and consequently thousands of people were rendered homeless at least temporarily. The casualties were heavy: at least 60 people were killed and about 70 seriously injured. Besides the HE bombs and mines hundreds of incendiary bombs were dropped in various parts of the western area of the city, but no serious fires resulted. One or two Anti Aircraft shells failed to explode but as soon as they had been certified by the Bomb Disposal Squad the evacuated residents were allowed to return to their homes. A parachute mine fell in the Alexandra Dock and failed to explode but this was dealt with through the Admiralty.