18 August 1941

Raid No 51

On the 18th August, 1941 an air raid “alert” was in progress between 02.15 hours and O3.55 hours, when HE bombs were dropped in each police Division of the City. Three HE bombs were dropped in the Central Division, i.e., one in Walker Street, one in Porter Street and one in Great Thornton Street, causing damage to houses and shops. Several HE bombs were dropped in the Eastern Division, viz: - Reckitts Garden Village, Pemberton Street, and Great Union Street and in fields on the outskirts of the City. Eight HE bombs were dropped in the Western Division, i.e., one a direct hit on No. 16, National Avenue, four near the corporation Waterworks, Clough Road and three in the University College Recreation Grounds, Inglemire Lane.

The total casualties were as follows:-

total casualties 57,

Dead 25 .

Seriously injured 15.

Treated at First Aid Post: 17.