22 February 1941

Raid No. 25

Air raid warning red was received at 19.51 hours on 22nd February 1941 and lasted until 22.40 hours. During this time a very heavy H E bomb dropped and exploded on the east side of the London North Eastern Railway embankment about 80 yards south of Haltemprice Street. A light engine ran into the crater shortly afterwards. Later a second heavy HE bomb dropped and did not explode on the south side of the permanent way of the Hull Doncaster Line close to the Hawthorn Avenue level crossing. Many streets had to be evacuated. A Parachute Mine dropped in Rowlston Grove doing much damage to dwelling houses and killing 4 people and injuring 18 others. A second Parachute Mine fell at the same time and landed, but did not explode, in Ellerby Grove. The Anti-Aircraft guns were in action for about 2 and a half hours almost continuously and many HE bombs fell outside the City boundary.


Outside a house on Ellerby Grove, A Parachute Mine