11 July 1941

Raid No. 47

On the 11th July 1941, the air raid warning was sounded at 00.54 hours, the raiders passed at 03.04 hours. This was a fairly heavy raid and commenced by the usual dropping of incendiary bombs. Many small house fires were caused but all were putout within a short time. A major fire was caused at Blundell’s Bankside by an HE bomb, a certain amount of being done, but the fire was under control before the raiders passed, though several streets were blocked, viz Air Street to Stoneferry Bridge by this incident, the Fenchurch Street First Aid Depot receiving a direct hit from an HE bomb doing extensive damage and causing ten casualties HE bombs also fell in Horace Avenue and Cave Street causing considerable damage as this was a very narrow terrace, and damage to house property was also caused by an HE bomb falling in Folkestone Street. Sculcoates Lane to Folkestone Street to Melwood Grove was blocked by the Folkestone incident, and Terry Street was blocked by the Cave street incident. There were two Unexploded Bombs one on Bankside near the Blundell,s works and one in Stepney Lane near the bridge over Barmston drain. Several HE bombs were dropped in Kathleen Road and Chamberlain Road district and incendiary bombs in Rosemead Street and East Hull Estate the damage caused by the HE’s was to house property .no damage was done to Industrial premises, the fires caused by incendiary bombs was mainly in the upper rooms of house property, only slight damage being caused. A serious incident was caused at the Francis Askew School North Road, being used as a First Aid Depot by an HE bomb, several persons were trapped and injured and 7 released later in the day, but were dead. 20 houses in North Road were also slightly damaged. Incendiary bombs caused a fire at the Springburn Street Council School, which was gutted. Fires were also caused at Needlers Sawmills, Eastbourne Street, but were extinguished before great damage could be done. There were a great many incidents, HE bombs being dropped in all parts of the city, through the Western and Central parts received the brunt of the attack. A very heavy HE bomb fell in Cottingham Road, in front of the Corporation Bus Garage completely blocking Cottingham Road, at Haworth Street. Three houses were demolished and many slightly damaged, including a few shops, the sewer was damaged and the Gas and Water mains fractured, electric cables damaged also overhead trolley wires and standards damaged. Damage was also done to the Telephone System.

Casualties in this raid were, 22 fatal, 69 others. The Cocoa Mills, Campbell Street was the worst incident, being gutted, burning until the next day.