15 July 1941

Raid No.48

On the 15th July 1941 the air raid warning was sounded at 00.56 hours and the raiders passed sounded at 03.18 hours. This was a short sharp attack, confined to the Newland district. HE bombs were dropped in Clough Road, Ryde Avenue, Sculcoates Lane, De Grey Street and Newland Avenue. There was no damage to industrial property, being confined to residential property. The most serious incidents occurred in Kate’s Terrace, Sculcoates Lane and De Grey Street. An Air Raid shelter in Kate’s Terrace received a direct hit from an H E there was much damage and several casualties were caused. Fatal casualties and much damage caused by an HE which fell in De Grey Street. There were no Unexploded Bombs. Casualties in this raid were 25 dead, and 48 injured.