13th March 1941

Raid No. 29

This proved to be one of the heaviest raids so far experienced in the city. The alarm was sounded at 20.55 hours on the 13th March 1941 and lasted until 04.25 hours. Both HE and incendiary bombs were dropped in all parts of the city and casualties were fairly heavy, an early estimate showing 36 killed and 76 seriously injured and 132 slightly injured. Included in this number was one Police Fireman and two professional firemen, besides this three constables were injured, one very seriously. In the Central Division 56 incidents were reported in Wilcolmlee, Newland Avenue, Alexandra Road, Bankside, Sculcoates Lane, and Catherine Street. Major fires occurred at Sissons Ltd. and Seaton & Co. In the Easter Division 38 HE bombs were dropped in the Witham and Cleveland Street district chiefly and a major fire resulted at the British Oil Cake Mills works in Foster Street. One Parachute Mine failed to explode in the Western Division, 82 HE bombs were dropped the majority being on the North Hull District, 30 of which did not explode, and in each case the area had to be evacuated.