18/19 March 1941

Raid No 31

On the 18/19th March 1941 the city suffered another heavy raid. The warning was sounded at 20.11 hours and the raiders passed at 04.50 hours. During this raid over 100 HE and Parachute mines were dropped in various parts of the city. The greatest part of the damage in the Eastern Division was caused in Cleveland Street and Stoneferry Districts where much damage was done to Industrial premises and working class houses. In the Western Division the principal target was The North Hull Housing Estate and other residential areas in that vicinity. In addition scattered incidents occurred in various parts of the city. Resulted-: 91 people were killed,70 seriously injured and 78 slightly injured. Many reports were received of unexploded bombs in all these areas and in some instances the bombs exploded some time after the raiders passed signal sounded, and in one or two of these incidents casualties were caused.