31 March 1941

Raid No.32

The air raid warning was sounded at 20.25hours on the 31st March 1941 and the “alert” period lasted until 00.54 hours on the 1st April. A fairly heavy raid developed on this occasion and HE Bombs Parachute Mines and Incendiary bombs were dropped in all Police Divisions in the city. The ARP Control Centre was wrecked by the explosion of a parachute mine and the Deputy Medical Officer of Health who was in the control room at the time was killed. Other members of staff were injured and the remainder were immediately evacuated to the North West Report Centre at the University College. The Norfolk Street and Gordon Street Police Stations were damaged by blast and their telephones were put out of order but the damage was not sufficient to interfere with the normal working of either station, although the loss of telephones caused a great deal of inconvenience and extra work. Extensive damage was done to residential, shop and industrial premises, but the Fire Brigade Services prevented any really serious fires developing. Three horses were buried under debris in their stables. One of these was killed, another was found to be seriously injured and had to be killed by the Corporation Veterinary Surgeon and the third animal was released by the demolition squad. Several parachute mines and HE mines were left in the city and evacuation had to be carried out in each of the surrounding areas. 51 people were killed in this raid.