7/8th and 8/9th May 1941

Raid No.40 and 41 

The heaviest raids to date took place on the city on the above nights. The air raid warning was sounded at 23.17 hours on the 7th May and lasted until 05.05 hours on the 8th. The alarm was again sounded at 00.08 hours on the 9th May and lasted until 05.55 hours on that date.

Thousands of incendiary bombs and a great weight of Parachute Mines and High Explosive bombs were dropped on the city. Although the main weight of these attacks appear to be directed against the centre of the city and the docks and bombing was widespread and all Police areas in the city suffered damage. Many serious fires resulted and very extensive damage was done to business premises, shops, stores, warehouses and house property.

In King Edward Street, Prospect Street, Jameson Street and the intermediate streets (which is the city’s main shopping centre) practically every shop and store was gutted by fire or damage by high explosives.

In the Old Town very extensive damage was done to business premises, shops, houses and offices. The Guildhall received a direct hit from a high explosive and the City Hall was badly damaged by fire.

The Central Fire Station received a direct hit from a High explosive bomb and the garage, stables, two ambulances and a Prison van were destroyed, one Police Fireman and two auxiliary firemen were killed in this incident.

Considerable damage was done to the docks in the Eastern and Central Divisions and buildings on both sides of the Old Harbour were destroyed by fire and high explosives.

The Hull Corporation Transport Dept. garage was completely gutted and several buses destroyed. The British Gas Light Company works were damaged by high explosives and about half of the city was deprived of its’ gas supply for several days.

A number of important factories and Oil Mills on the River Hull were either gutted by fire or destroyed by high explosives, the most important of these being Messrs Joseph Rank’s Flour Mills in Clarence Street, which are considered to be about the biggest flour mills in the country.

Practically all the thoroughfares in the city were blocked and road traffic was disorganised. The telephone Service was completely disorganised and messengers had to be used by the Police.

                            These raids resulted in heavy casualties as follows-:

400 killed

758 Injured.


Guildhall Direct Hit

Inside Guildhall's Banquet Room

Our Ghost War Picture 2013/1941 Guildhall Direct HIt

Oil Mills on River Hull

Prospect Street / Albion Street Damage

Sky line of Hull after the Raid