7 November 1941

Raid No 55

The Air Raid Alert was sounded at 21.25 hours 7 November 1941 and the Raiders Passed at 00.09 hours on Saturday 8th November 1941. At about 23.58 hours a stick of High Explosive bombs was dropped by an enemy aircraft and fell: - 1 in the roadway in Bean Street. - 2 between the houses at No. 65 Boulevard and 2 St. Mathew Street; - 3 Hull Rugby Football Ground; - 4 at the rear of the house No 175 Coltman Street. Although extensive damage was done to houses in the immediate vicinity of those places where the bombs actually fell, there were no fatal casualties. Two people were injured and had to be treated at First Aid Posts. The bombs were not of a very great calibre. One of the bombs, which fell in Bean Street landed close to a spot already, rendered derelict by a parachute mine some month’s ago.