12 October 1941

Raid No 54

An air raid 'Alert' was in progress from 23.04 hours on the 12 October 1941 to 02.56 hours on Monday the 15th October 1941, and, at 00.06 hours on 13th October, four HE bombs   dropped in the Dock area in the centre of the City. One bomb fell in Edwards Place, Commercial Road, Causing damage to house property and a water main. Another bomb fell in Humber Street between Mytongate and Blanket Row causing damage to a residential and warehouse property. Two bombs fell in Railway Dock, causing damage to the quayside and dock property and sinking a lighter which was moored at the South East corner of the dock. Slight damage was done to gas mains. Five civilian casualties resulted, two of which were serious and had to be admitted to hospital, the other three being slight and treated at First Aid Posts. No fatal casualties resulted.