21 September 1941

Raid No 53

On Sunday the 21st. September, 1941 an air raid "alert" was in progress between 01.25 hours and 03.55 hours and at 01.30 hours 35 incendiary bombs were dropped in Pickering Road and the allotments adjoining. One fell on the house No 165 Pickering Road, penetrating the roof and burning a hole through the landing ceiling. The fire was extinguished by Warden: using a stirrup pump. Only one other incendiary bomb ignited, 31 being collected intact.


At the same time 5 HE bombs, apparently of small calibre, fell on the Priory Sidings, Hessle High Road, four or which exploded, the other being reported as an Unexploded Bomb. Sections 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the railway sidings were blocked and damage to gas mains resulted. There were no casualties.