1 August 1942

Raid No.60

The Air Raid Warning ”Red” was sounded at 0215 hours, and The “Raiders Passed” at 0555 hours. Four very heavy HE bombs were dropped, one falling between the houses in Grindell Street and Churchill Street, two fell on Victoria Dock, and one fell on Earle’s Road footpath near the Naval Gunnery School damaging 20 shops on Hedon Road.

At the Grindell Street incident the following damage was 95 houses demolished 70 Houses and 3 Shops seriously damaged and 430 houses and 20 shops damaged in Crowle Street, Empringham Street, Lee Smith Street, Haller Street, Raven Street and Ferries Street.

Over 200 people rendered homeless and cared for at reception centres.

Killed 24 people

Seriously Injured 7

Treated at first aid posts 9