20 December 1942

Raid No. 63

On Sunday 20 December 1942 the warning was sounded at 1931hrs and the Raiders Passed at 20.15hrs. Nine HE bombs were dropped as follows:- Carden Ave (1) Portobello St/Marfleet Lane Junction (1) Tunis Street (2) Holderness High Road near Marfleet Lane (1) 945 Holderness Rd (1) Staveley Road (2) 397 Marfleet Lane. (1).

Three Bombs were reported to have dropped before the sounding of the sirens, viz. Staveley Road and 397 Marfleet Lane (at 19.2Ohrs).

There was some damage to property, approximately 460 persons were rendered homeless, and the following casualties had been reported.

Killed 3

Seriously Injured (Hospital Cases) 9

Treated at First Aid Posts 18