19 May 1942

Raid No.58

An Air Raid "Alert" was sounded at 23.41hrs. At first Incendiaries were dropped on Skirlaugh, Beaumont Street, Bellamy Street, and Flares on Spring Bank West. Fires resulted at Victoria and Alexandra Docks, also Bellamy Street, the most serious one being in Silcox Oil & Cake Warehouse, Victoria Dock. High Explosive Bombs were dropped on Perth Street, West; Newtown square; Warneford Gardens; Brindley Street; Southcoates Lane; Manchester Street; Scarborough Street; Havelock Street; Alms Houses, Pickering Park; Anti-Aircraft Gun Site, Wawne Road; the Withernsea Railway Line near Sweet Dew Sidings; Beaumont Street and Bellamy Streets were damaged by small fires.

Unexploded Bombs were dropped in Westbourne Ave.; Farndale Avenue; Robinson's Tin Works, Kedrum Road; Long's Timber Yard, Southcoates Lane; Alexandra Dock Entrance; and Soldiers' Sidings, Priory Sidings.

In addition an HE Bomb fell in Naylor's Row and it was also reported than there was an Unexploded Bomb in the same street. This was afterwards found to be incorrect.

Heavy damage was caused, particularly in the Scarborough Street incident, where the bomb is reported as 1,800 Kgs. At the fire in Silcox Oil & Cake Warehouse, serious damage was done resulting in the loss of about 5,000 tons of oil bearing nuts and the premises are practically a total wreck.

For the type of raid, the casualties were fairly light and the latest figures are as follows:—

Killed 19 males. 22 females. 6 children.

TOTAL - 47

Injured 36 males. 26 females. 9 children.

TOTAL - 71

Treated at, First Aid Posts. 54 males. 17 females. 9 children.

TOTAL – 67

Scarborough Street after the Raid

Scarborough Street in 1946