1 May 1942

Raid No. 57

(1) An Air Raid ”Alert” was sounded at O3-18 hours on Friday the 1st May, 1942. At 05-47 hours a message was received from Operations Room, Central Division that an HE bomb had been dropped in Bank Street. This resulted in the following damage being caused. 6 houses demolished 15 houses damaged by blast


Killed:- 4 males, 3 Females

injured:- 3 Males  2 Females

Treated at First Aid Posts 3

A creamery and an air raid shelter in Victoria Street were also damaged

 (2) At 03.58 hours a further message was received that an HE bomb had been dropped 80 yards south of Botanic Crossing, causing damage to the permanent way. There was a large crater 40 yards south of Botanic Railway Crossing on an allotment, the west side of the permanent way was blocked and a telegraph pole was hanging in a dangerous position, the wires being broken. There were no casualties at this incident.


Bank Street 1st May 1942