4 March 1945

Raid No. 69

Air raid warning at 00.401/2 “Raiders Clears” sounded at 02.47 4th March 1945. During this alert heavy gunfire was heard from the north and a plane dived on the City through the gunfire. Machine gunfire was heard over Sutton. Damage was caused by aircraft cannon shells in the Sutton, Holderness Road and James Reckitt Avenue districts. No casualties were caused and there was only slight damage to property.


4 March 1945

Raid No.70

Air raid warning at 03.05 “Raiders Clear” sounded at 03.22 4th March 1945. During this alert Machine gunfire was heard over the Southcoates Estate and Bricknell Avenue district. Damage has been reported in Marfleet Lane and Bricknell Avenue. No casualties and only slight damage.

In addition, enemy aircraft were active over the East Riding. Cannon shells were again reported with one or two casualties but not serious. A German plane crashed at Dunnington and all the crew were killed. In crashing a house was damaged and three of the occupants were injured