Meet the Team


We started our Face Book page "Hull During The War" because we have a passion about how our City was bombed during the Second World War and was only mentioned as a "North East Coastal Town" in the media. Even today when you watch on TV anything to do with the bombings during the War, Hull it seems is forgotten and we think it is high time that this is put to rights. The Face Book Page seemed to generate a lot of interest and with this, the idea of a Website to remember the People of Hull came in to being. 

We are just Guys and Girls who want to tell the Story of Our City and County during the War Years and we would love to tell your story. We attend and take Audio Recordings off the People who were there and these will posted on a page of memories. We also associate ourselves with other Groups trying to keep Hull's Memories alive and as we grow we will need other Admins or People with a specialised Knowledge to admin their Pages. If you are out and about and taking Photographs of Military Structures and would love to come on board as a member of the Our Team then contact us to have a chat.

We intend to show all aspects of life during both World Wars so if you have any Photographs you think we could show then please get in touch. We also do our series of Ghosts of War where we overlay old Photographs onto New ones to create a beautiful Memory of the Wartime era. There is nothing better we enjoy than setting off with camera in hand to take a picture and tell its story.

Meet the Team


 From an early age I have always been interested in the ww2. I have photographs of myself as a 3 year old stood on the Mohna Dam of Dambusters fame and from as far back as I can remember I was educated on the story of the Holocaust from my Mother. So I have grew up with War discussed openly except by my Grandfather whom I wish I could have spoken to about his Naval Service during ww2. My only topic at school I actively enjoyed was History and only when WW1 came up in the curriculum. I think my old History Teacher would be proud of what we do here today and the knowledge that I have amassed on the subject of World War. Fast forward 40 odd years and that knowledge now has a portal, I will listen to an Historians point of view and then I will find out for myself what my opinion is on the subject and it usually differs from a learned Historian. My only regret……… I didn’t go to University and become a proper Historian !!!





 Ever since I was small boy I was in the Air Force Cadets and have always have had an admiration for the people that served our Country during the War. From this stemmed a passion for all things RAF especially Bomber Command where the Chaps went up night after night knowing full well they may never return which must have been so hard to do. I have always had an interest in Local History about Hull during the War and from this came the idea of the Face Book page Kingston upon Hull during the War. Today it has grown into Hull and East Riding at War, with a Website to commemorate and remember the people of East Yorkshire and the City of Hull which is growing by the day into an archive of wonderful stories and photographs of the Wartime Years of both World Wars.





I live in Dorchester and have lived there nearly all my life. My Grandfather was in the Artillery in ww2 and never said much about it. That always gave me an interest in ww2 but it has only been the last few years (must be getting older) that I’ve looked more at it and things that are related. New generations need to know and remember. So it’s ready for my kids and the memory of my Granddad, the friends and wife he lost, I do it





I was born in hull but grew up in a mineing village in South Yorkshire, and moved to east yorkshire in the late 90s. Ive always enjoyed learning about local history and visiting english herritage sites. Ive recently found the urbex world of exploreing deralict and abandoned places which has been a great experience photographing places that are hidden away and forgotton about, the best part has been researching the history of these places many of which are war related. Seeing these ww2 buildings crumbling with time is sad, these few places left are part of our war history and will soon dissapear so i find it important to take photos, research and document them to keep the memories alive.



growing up in Hull with a very large extended family, I often listened to the stories from my dad and his 7 brothers, tales of buildings long gone and war time exploits of them all and found them fascinating. When I began researching the family tree, stumbling across family members who had served in both Wars pulled me into the local struggles during War time. I enjoy the photography and discovering the hidden stories behind the remains. Finally discovering stories my Gran had written of her struggles as a new mother and wife during the War sealed the deal......