Aldbrough Patrol

When Formed not known. Part of the Southern Area of the East Riding which consisted of five groups 5 to 9. Aldbrough was in No 5 group along with Bewholme, Catwick, Skirlaugh and Hornsea Patrols

 Patrol Members

Members 1944 List                              Occupation                          DOB


Sgt Richard M Crawforth                 Farmer                                  08/05/1922

Cpl Walter H Fisher                           Farm Worker                       14/04/1912

Pte Eric Beadle                                   Farm Worker                       07/111924

Pte George Crawford                        Farmer                                  29/01/1914

Pte Frank Wood                                  Min of Agr Official               12/02/1891

Pte Kenneth S Burrell                       Tractor Driver                     08/06/1925

Pte Frank D Blanchard                     Tractor Driver                     06/06/1916

Pte Blanchard was also a member of the Bewholme Patrol at some stage and a Corporal Kenneth Foot, Schoolhouse, Grimston was also listed as a earlier member.

The Patrol OB was located 1.5 miles South of the village of Aldbrough on the B1242 is the entrance to a Scout Summer Camp which Bail Wood is part of. Permission was gained from one of the trustees of Bail Wood, Mr Rob Siddle who met us on site and allowed as much time as we needed which we were very grateful for. The condition of the OB Seemed to be in good condition although no access could be gained. The Main entrance shaft is capped with concrete. The escape tunnel was some 40 feet away and doglegged. Escape Hatch was found. (See Pic). On top of the OB was a large pile of soil where we were told ventilation Pipes extruded underneath. They had been covered for safety reasons. We were also informed that around the wood ammunition underground stores had been built but had never been found.

 The Ob is located within managed woodland on top a raised area. It was not known if this was man made or a natural rise in the area however the ground around is very wet and maybe the OB was placed on a man made hill of sorts as a first Mk 1 OB was dismantled and a new Mk3 OB built on the raised area. Flooding was probably the culprit.

 Training was carried out at Rise Park and Middleton Hall

 Weapons used were Revolvers, Sten Guns, Sticky Bombs, Hand Grenades and a 2ft Rubber Cosh

First OB was a Mk1 which dropped out of use and was destroyed. A MK3 was built and has been capped for safety reasons due to there being children on site as the wood is used as a Scout Summer Camp


Defence of Britain Archive

East Ridings Secret Resistance by Alan Williamson 2004

Mr Rob Siddle Trustee for Bale Wood