Beverley North Patrol

The Beverley North Patrol belonged to No 7 Group.  The Group consisted of the Beverley North and South and Walkington Patrols. Captain Cyril Carrington (b.03.12.1899) of Beverley was a leather Sales Manager with the local tannery of WM Hodgson. He was also Group Commander of the East Riding Southern Area. The Group Sgt Clerk was Sgt Herbert Gillyon a leather worker at the same Tannery (b.25.02.1906). The Intelligence Officer was a Captain Leigh-Lye.

Patrol Members from the Nominal Roll

Sgt Charles Wright                    Tannery Foreman          14/07/1908

Cpl William Smith                     Baker                               21/09/1903

Pte Horace Lenton                    Baker                               04/01/1913

Pte George A Higgins                Valuer                              14/02/1901

Pte Charles P Sykes                  Transport Manager       04/02/1901

Pte Percy Padget                        Plater-Ship Building       04/09/1920


The OB was built into the face of a Chalk Quarry on the site of the Victoria Road Morrisons. It was of Nissen Type construction with a concrete culvert escape tunnel.