Beverley South Patrol

The Beverley South Patrol belonged to No 7 Group.  The Group consisted of the Beverley North and South and Walkington Patrols. Captain Cyril Carrington (b.03.12.1899) of Beverley was a leather Sales Manager with the local tannery of WM Hodgson. He was also Group Commander of the East Riding Southern Area. The Group Sgt Clerk was Sgt Herbert Gillyon a leather worker at the same Tannery (b.25.02.1906). The Intelligence Officer was a Captain Leigh-Lye.


Sgt Arthur Oxtoby                     Lorry Driver                                    27/03/1912

Cpl Norman J Blake                 Research Chemist                          06/06/1914

Pte Hampton Lee                      Chemist-Leather                            03/06/1912

Pte Arthur Meek                        Lorry Driver                                    23/02/1912

Pte David A Patterson              Draughtsman-Tool                        14/07/1915

Pte Edward W Shaw                 Ship Building- Electric Welder     27/06/1915


Pte Nick Verity was a Former Member.

Pte Edward Shaw went to the Isle of Wight in the 2nd phase of the D-Day Invasion

The OB was constructed in a small woodland with Public Access. The OB is in intact but in a very fragile condition. Our Photographs may be the last that are took in its present condition. A standard construction in size and complete with a escape tunnel that runs 40 yds into a stream bed. 

The Patrol Targets for this Patrol wouold of been RAF Leconfield. Training was carried out at the Bluestone Quarry with both the Beverley South and the Walkington Patrols and transport for the Units was provided by a Mr Tattershall, a Wm Hodgesons Employee using the firms transport. Sgt Charles Wright worked as a Tannery Foreman at Wm Hodgesons. Capt Carrington the Groups CO was a leather Sales Manager with WM Hodgson.

Although the 1944 list shows two patrols of Beverley North and Beverley South, an earlier Home Guard transfer list shows there was possibly one patrol to start with, Mr GW Hardy explained as a 15 year old he acted as a messenger boy between Capt Carrington and Sgt Sykes who was replaced at some stage by Sgt Wright and appears in the 1944 list as a private. Also Pte Micklewaite listed in the Walkington Patrol is often referred to as a member of the Beverley Patrol. In a written Story by Auxillier Eddie Shaw his name appears on the Nominal Roll for the Beverley South Patrol he states that his OB was the Beverley North Patrol. We can only conclude that there was indeed one patrol for this area in the early set up days. He says that the OB was very damp and not fit for the storage of explosives and Eddies Job was to store the explosives which he doesn’t say where. He had a car loaned by the War Office and used this to transport the Explosives to training. He also states than when a big exercise was going on they were called upon to take off their Home Guard flashes and become what he calls Proper Soldiers.

The whole Patrol was sent to the Isle of Wight and Eddie states that they arrived by Ferry at Freshwater and stayed in Lord Tennysons House. They were detailed to march around the Island, a ten mile route march twice a day in shifts and was on the Island for ten days. They took the place of Canadian Troops who had somewhat wrecked the house.

We re-visited in 2018 and indeed as we feared the whole of the OB has fallen in.