Bewholme Patrol

The Bewholme Patrol was part of the Southern Area of the East Riding, which consisted of 17 Patrols forming five groups 5-9. Bewholme belonging to Group No 5, which consisted of Catwick, Skirlaugh, Aldbrough, Hornsea and Bewholme.

The Area Group Commander was Capt Walter Kitching (07/08/1897), The Assistant Group Commander was Captain Carrington (b.Dec1899) Group Sgt Clerk was Sgt Robert G Hugill.

Patrol Members

Sgt Walter E Varley                 Farmer                            14/10/1917

Cpl Edward Rafton                  Farmer                            17/11/1916

Pte Gordon A Varley                Farm Worker                 01/11/1915

Pte Claude Varley                    Farmer                            08/02/1924

Pte Reginald A Hara                                                         

Pte Reginald C Hara               Farmer                            17/11/1903

Pte Robert Jackson                                                         

 Other Original Members had been:

Sgt FD Blanchard                    Tractor Driver               06/06/1916

Pte Leslie Ulliot

Both the OB and OP lie South West of the village of Bewholme on Private Farm Land owned by Mr Stuart Elliot

 Observation Post

The observation Post lies 200m to the east of the OB. The entrance was through a concrete culvert under a bridge. The bridge crossing had been extended to form a one man chamber with the water cleverly diverted to keep the OP dry. It was linked to the OB by a field telephone. The concrete culvert still exists but the chamber has gone.

Observation Post: 200m to the East of the OB connected by Telephone Line 

The OB and Op lie on arable field boundary ditches. The banks and ditches are well maintained. Although trees and brambles are growing up through the OB it is easy to see the whole layout.

Patrol targets were RAF Catfoss which is under one mile away

Weapons: .38 Revolvers, FS Knives, Thompson MG, Sten Guns. .22 Calibre Sniper Rifle

 The Unit regularly carried out exercises against Catfoss Airfield that was easily reached by travelling along the many ditches that gave cover. It is known they would place items on the planes during the night then in the morning would go to the airfield and demand to see the CO and would show him how lax his sentries were.  Information also was gained that as soon as the invasion started the local police officer would have been assassinated, as he knew too much


Mr Stuart Elliot, Landowner