Brough Patrol

Group 9 was Commanded by Lt William Cross JCKS/48/3 DOB 01/01/1903, an agricultural Worker at Everthorpe. His Assistant Group Commander was 2lt James Henry Harrop JCCD/8/1 DOB 19/07/1914 an Aircraft Draughtsman. The Group Sgt Clerk was Sgt John Leonard Cross JCKS/48/4 DOB 17/05/1904. The Group consisted of Brough, North and South Cave Patrols

Patrol Members

Sgt Alan Ritson Scott JCCE/5/8 Aircraft Draughtsman 06/02/1903
Pte Robert Highton Adie JCCG/282/5 Aircraft Draughtsman 30/09/1911
Pte William Dashwood Beveridge SJYW/166/1 Aircraft Draughtsman 05/01/1910
Pte Thomas Cochrane Campbell STPA/96/1 Aircraft Draughtsman 11/08/1899
Pte Stephen Cecil Woodward SJYR/137/1 Aircraft Draughtsman 30/04/1902

Earlier Members of the Patrol:
Pte Ronald Sinclair Massey JCCG/165/4 Aircraft Stress Analyst 11/02/1916
Pte Alec Jeffrey

Pte Massey and Aircraft Stress Analyst was later a Sgt in the South Cave Patrol

The Brough Patrol was controlling major Roads and Railway Lines out of Hull and for observing River Traffic on the River Humber. With all the Patrol Members employed at the Blackburn Aircraft Factory then the Intimate Knowledge of the adjoining Airfield would of come in very handy in the event of the it being captured by Enemy forces.