Burton Agnes Patrol

Burton Agnes belonged to Number 1 Group which consisted of Bridlington North, Bridlington South, Burton Fleming, Kilham, Flixton and Wold Newton, Harpham. The Area Group Commander was Captain Charles V Colley of Bridlington. Captain Colley was also the Group Commander of No 1 Group. His assistant Group Commander was Lt Neville J Woodward. Group Sgt Clerks were Sgt Jeffrey Horsfield and Sgt William M Jacob. The training W.O. was CSM Frederick K Richardson.

Sgt Charles Herbert Wardill              JCDK/77/1            Pork Butcher                         14/10/1901

Cpl Robert William Noble                  JCDR/24/11          Agricultural Worker             25/06/1915

Pte Wilfred Sanderson Wright         JCDR/22/1            Agricultural Worker             10/05/1906

Pte Leonard Riby Wilson                    JCDK/85/4            Agricultural Worker             09/04/1925

                        Pte Cecil Alfred Winter                     JCDR/127/3          Agricultural Worker             28/12/1916                          

Pte Kenneth Gilding Cooper             JBBA/8/13             Agricultural Worker             16/05/1923

Other Members of the Unit were

Sgt Frederick Dixon

Pte David Rogerson

Training was carried out at Middleton Hall and Rudston Parva Quarry

9mm Revolvers, FS Knives, Tommy Guns later Stens, knuckle dusters and .22 Sniper Rifle


East Ridings Secret Resistance 2004 Alan Williamson